Striving for the lead in knowledge

The basis of all TSE Troller dies are the premetered coating technology. The exact design of fluid technology, in combination with the highest precision in production, leads to homogeneous distribution of the fluids on the substrate. Thanks to the innovative evolution of TSE Troller, this procedure used originally in the photographic industry, has also been made available to a wide range of other industries. Benefit from our lead in knowledge!

  • New product features and reduction of coating fluids by homogeneous application
  • Increase in efficiency of the production plan
  • Reduction of energy consumption by increasing the solids content of liquids
  • Quick product and coating width change
  • Mass production in R2R procedure
  • Flexibility for future product changeovers such as viscosity, coating thicknesses and coating width changes
  • Single or multilayer systems
  • Contactless coating
  • Closed system without overflow and therefore less environmental impact by solvents
  • Coating of two component fluids